Captain Christie Tankersley

    Christie Tankersley began her career in the medical field in 1996 when she completed EMT training. She joined HEMS in April of 1997, and went on to complete her Paramedic training, becoming Nationally Registered in 1998. Christie also holds a degree in accounting. She was selected to become a supervisor in 2002. Christie received the Hamilton Hero Award for her efforts and contributions during the I-75 Fog Wreck in neighboring Catoosa County on March 14, 2002. Christie philosophy of emergency medicine is; "Helping, by being much too many. To one its saving the life of a 16 year old daughter, helping ones mother back to bed, or helping a brother live today without pain, but most of all its being there when anyone calls".

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       Captain Lee Duman

    Lee discovered his desire for a career in emergency medicine while working at an outdoor adventure program. In 1996 Lee was involved in a rescue in the cohutta wilderness; he was able to watch paramedics work for the first time. He attended a first responder course and began volunteering with Murray County Search and Rescue. In 2000 he began working as an EMT for Hamilton EMS; he continued his education and finished both the Paramedic and the EMS management course at Dalton College. Lee was promoted to supervisor at Hamilton EMS in 2009.

    Lee's view of his job is "Being a paramedic is a job that I truly love. I enjoy the chance to help people and make a difference in their lives. I never dreamed of being a Paramedic when I was a child (or even knew what one was), but I cannot imagine not being one now".

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